I Need Ideas

I really want to write. Believe me I really do. But lately my mind has been occupied and consumed with two particular topics about my personal life and as much as I would love to write a 10,000 word blog on each one but I will only piss people off, make my situation worse, and be even more miserable then I am already.

So I guess I am asking for some help. Tell me something you would like to hear me talk about. Think your site is awesome or have something really cool I can promote or talk about.. let me know. I have been just taking a butt load of pictures on my phone because I like doing it and I miss doing it. There are a few reasons I stopped for a while which I won’t go into right now but the creative part inside me is yearning to be fed. I’m not old. I’m not dead. I want to go out and do things and see stuff. My problem right now is that I have no one to do those things with. I look at it like a movie. I don’t think going to a movie by yourself is cool at all or healthy for that matter. I also don’t think wanting to experience new things and go out and have a good time with someone else is so much to ask.

Sorry.. I’m getting off topic. I want to write a huge blog about dating because as far as it goes right now…. boy, do I have some stories. So let’s hear what you guys want to talk about. Speak up. I will leave you with my outlook on dating as of right now.


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