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So since my last blog was so serious and it was a way to get things off my chest, it’s time to get back to the normal writing I used to do. I was going to write about my plans for 12-12-12, but since it’s not going to happen anymore it will just be another day. Besides, I know people like to laugh and smile so I am going to attempt that now.

I have decided to start writing down my dreams that I have been having because sometimes they are just out of control. The one I had yesterday was no exception. So from now on every time I wake up and remember a crazy dream I am going to quick hit Siri and start saying what it was about in notepad and then drop it here. So… here we go.

My dream started simple enough. I was just playing basketball in the back of my garage when all of a sudden I noticed that there was combat training my backyard. I soon realized that my garage was turned into gun storage facility and there was a mass amount of troops in my front yard watching the Dark Knight rises.

I decided to watch the Dark Knight Rises as well, but there were a lot of different changes in the movie and things that were missing. This included me at the and of the movie crying like a little girl to Bruce Wayne because I didn’t want him to go. After the movie ended, we realized we didn’t have the right side of the disc in and that’s why there wasn’t some of the the scenes that were missing, including the ice walking part and the end of the movie.

So the next thing that happened was I heard gunshots. I went to the garage and picked out a few weapons. I tried them all out a little bit but decided on a sniper rifle and a pistol to go out with. While I was picking out weapons, Samuel Jackson came and talked to me about picking the right weapon, and making sure that I was in the right frame of mind for the upcoming fight.

Then there was this guy in the alley and he was shooting at the street lights, and he had a huge like gun like a Gatling type, and was destroying everything. Then a thunderous roar came from the earth and it started shaking and I saw these massive big red volcano balls hurling through the sky towards my house. Now a few of the volcano balls actually hit my house and one went through the top floor of my place which really pissed me off because I just bought a new computer and a new bed. Then another ball hit the lower bottom right of the house which really freaked me out because my parents were inside and so was my sister. The rest of the volcano balls I just kept dodging but they would bounce off the sidewalk like they were rubber balls and just keep rolling into the street and on to cars. I should clarify that these volcano balls were massive. Imagine like 10 yoga balls all smushed together to make one giant yoga ball.

Now for some reason I was upset about my phone being low on battery and I wanted to go to Walmart because I needed to get new charger for my phone just in case. So I hopped in the car with my sister and we started driving. Now there were earthquakes happening, and although I couldn’t see them we could kind of hear them. The next thing that happened was I received a call from my cousin and she said that we need to move to Maryland because none of this stuff happens there. I wasn’t really interested in talking to her about moving to Maryland so I hung up with her and we continued driving. We are still heading towards Walmart on highway 100 when the earth started to shake very very violently. In fact that car was shifting, and moving from side to side, and almost made us hit the car in front of us.

We can see this huge cloud of dust coming towards us at the same time the ground began to split right next to me. It eventually stopped and we continued driving towards Walmart. You could see you that there was damage everywhere and we got to 76th and Beacher Street. I headed west and it looked like there was a bridge or like the street was up in the sky and I saw this car drive up this steep street, and I guess they realized too late that the rest of it wasn’t there, or that it was broken in the middle, and the car fell into the earth. So I turn around and continue driving, but this time I went East and I saw people running out of the bank with money. So I thought it would be important for me to grab some money because of all the chaos going around us.

I went into the bank and I’m not sure where my sister went at the time, but I decided to carry on. I get into the bank I notice mass chaos and a lot of people in line. Over by the ATM that there are couple of Asian or Japanese looking fellows that are pulling out what looks to be like millions of dollars from the ATM and of both currencies, Japanese and American.

Because I’m a nerd, I notice that the Japanese money looks really cool, and I politely ask them if I could take pictures of it because they are very colorful and very interesting looking. They want me to take a picture of them with the money so I go ahead and take some pictures of them posing with the money and all that jazz. I then start to arrange the money so I can get a really good picture because I figured this be great for Instagram.

So I get done taking pictures and I look to the left, and I notice that it’s Kim Jong Ill’s son there. I approach him and say “How’s it going Ill?”. He says he is fine and I ask if I could use their ATM. He says it’s fine but he wants something from the vending machine first. He asks me to pick him up a Diet Coke and I ask him if he minds sparing a few bucks for the nice guy that’s getting his stuff. He gave me $202 dollars so I can go get him his Diet Coke and also have a little extra money. So I went heading towards the soda machine and another violent earthquake started happening. The ground was shaking and this time the lights go out and power was goes off for the entire building. People were freaking out and running everywhere. So for whatever reason I just really had to use the bathroom at this point.

So I go around looking for the bathroom and it’s right past the soda machines and it’s pitch black so it’s hard to see really anything around me. There is some dim sunlight coming in so I can make out a few things here and there. I enter the the mens or what I think to be the mens bathroom and proceed to go pee. I finish up and start washing my hands when a woman enters the bathroom with me.  It appears to be a woman that’s in her early 40s and she walks up to me and says that since the world is ending she wants to make love to a man for the last time before the world ends.

Although she’s very attractive, for some reason I think of a movie quote and say to her, “No time for love Dr. Jones!” and I run out of bathroom and out of the bank. I look into the sky and it’s pitch black now and there’s clouds of dust and doesn’t look good and then I wake up.

I don’t know where I come up with this stuff but it sure felt very very real. So there you have it. Next time I dream something crazy I will write about it.


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