It’s the end of the world as we know it Blog

Well, since this might be my last time to blog before the end of the world as some people think, let’s make this a good one.

In this blog we will talk about what I actually think about the end of the world, the asshole kid shooter,ย  some crazy dating stories, and what I really really want for Christmas.

mayan-symbol-So these guys knew it was all ending today? This kind of thing reminds me of psychics that are poor. They were able to predict the end of the world but not of their own civilization. Give me a break. Maybe they just gave up and 122112 seemed like a cool number to end on. Maybe it’s a bunch of horse shit, but then again, maybe it’s not.

My personal beliefs on this are kind of interesting. Although there are some interesting things with the planets being aligned in a way that might cause some problems such as a massive solar flare, I think it’s just going to be another normal day. I think the likelihood of a solar flare knocking out power and electronics is way more likely then just a snap of a finger the world ending. More then likely Friday will come and go without anything happening, but if it does, please let it be after 8 am CST so I can at least die at my home and not at work. ๐Ÿ˜›

I will most likely get gas in my car the day before just in case. I have my pistol and some ammo in case the streets and people in general go bat shit. Most likely nothing is going to happen, which is sad. Let me explain.

Maybe I am in the minority in these things but there is a part of me that almost wishes something really fucked up would happen. Let it be the dead coming to life as zombies or power is wiped out for years on this planet. In a way I think it would be interesting. Most of us live in this boring life doing what everyone else does on this planet. We eat, sleep, piss and shit, go to work, have sex, have kids, work more, grow old, die. Yes there are many things along that way that happen that can be exciting, but overall I would say most of us live a pretty normal boring life that is sometimes filled with moments of happiness and sadness.

Let’s say you woke up on Friday morning and you hear scratching on your door. You have no idea who it is but you go to the door and open it and it’s your next door neighbor mumbling some shit and looking all deranged. Like this guy …


Shit.. wrong zombie. Let me try again. Like this guy!

zombieOk much better. So now he’s going for your kid or your wife … what are you going to do? You don’t own a gun? What are you going to do to stop this maniac? After you finally stop him you realize that there are zombies everywhere. Do you go and grab all your family from all over the city? Do you just hide in your house?

I actually think about these things. I know what I would do. I would grab my gun, blow this mother fuckers head off, grab my parents and head over to one of my friends houses that has a small artillery stockpiled in their room. Then I would come up with a plan to basically get more guns and ammo and food and water and try to work on a place we could go to create a secure environment.

I love shows like The Walking Dead because what if you had to leave the house every day and go to work and on the way to your car you could get bitten by some crazed lunatic? Make your Monday a little bit more frightening to know you might never return from work.

Ok screw zombies for a second. Let’s talk about maybe a massive solar flare that takes out electricty and electronics for the next lets say 2 years. First thing that comes to mind that the Amish people will be pointing at us all and laughing because they are used to this shit. After that, what would you do? No cell phones, no lights besides candles and flashlights. Most cars have computers in them now and they wouldn’t work. No nothing.

Wouldn’t it just be interesting to see if human beings could survive even for a week without all that shit. I love my phone like the rest of you but sometimes I wonder when I see programs that kind of show what life is like without all the things we have been accustomed to if people could really hack it.

I think my biggest fear is that with the way the world is, and how shitty most people have become, rioting and looting and just mass chaos would just ensue. I would love to think we would come together as a race, the human race, and work together and make things work, but then I just slap myself in the face and realize I live in a world where some fuck tard gets the idea to kill innocent children in a school.

There, that’s a good segway. I want to talk a little bit about this because I always try to put myself in the other guys shoes. I have shot a gun before, I even once killed an innocent bird with a rifle, and there has been plenty of times I have thought about killing someone I know. However, I felt horrible about the bird afterwards, and I have a conscience and know the difference between right and wrong and would never kill someone unless I absolutely had to do it.

Never… ever… ever… have I thought of killing a kid. I tried to think about this the other day and I can’t even picture what a child being shot looks like. I can’t fathom it. I don’t live in a country where this little kid might have a bomb attached to his back or want to blow up my entire platoon. These were kids that liked Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer, and Adventure Time. They haven’t been tainted by the likes of us most likely. I bet none of those kids knew who Jeffrey Dahmer was or even knew what 9/11 was about. They were innocent kids. I have thought this over time and time again. Even ifย  I was so sure what I was doing was right, we as humans are visual people and seeing the bullet I just shot hit a child and kill them would have brought some part of me and my brain back to reality. Where the fuck was reality for this kid?

He wasn’t on bath salts or hopped up on LSD. I don’t want to hear a single word about him being autistic. The guy was smart enough to have multiple guns, ammo, and break into a school to do this. I just don’t get how he couldn’t see what he was shooting at and it still register that this was ok and his revenge, or fucked up message, or whatever was justified. Christ… it’s really fucked up.

So here we go with the gun part. Sometimes I wish both sides would just shut up for a fucking half a second and instead of thinking with your emotions, use some fucking logic. Banning guns is not going to help anything. Felons and criminals all are not supposed to HAVE guns but they seem to get it anyway. So wipe that idea out of your head. Give guns to all teachers. Cmon… this is a fucking school where kids are at all times. It’s a persons personal right to have or to not have a gun so don’t push that argument on me either.

I had to really think about this and unfortunatly the conclusion I came up with was a sad one.

People bitch and complain about their rights and privacy being invaded and taken away but at the same time they want to be safe. I just don’t know if that’s possible anymore honestly. We live in a world with such shitty people and if you want to stop this kind of thing you have to take extremes.

You know why I don’t bitch about taking my belt off and my shoes and being patted down at the airport? CAUSE IM NOT A FUCKING CRIMINAL AND I NEVER WANT TO BOMB A PLANE! However, I know there are fucking assholes out there that want to do that. So if I have to have some 80 year old guy fondle my nutsack to make sure I don’t have a bomb just so on one of his attempts he finds one on someone eles’s nutsack… I’m ok with that!

This tragedy in that school is going to have the same affect that 9/11 had on flying. Lets put metal detectors and an armed guard at every single grade school, middle school, and high school, because that’s the only way to have someone there that can deal with a situation quicker then the police arriving after the first call has been made. It’s just sad it has gotten to this place. It really is a sad sad world that we have to worry about kids that have never hurt anyone being blown away because some fucking waste of cum decided he didn’t get hugged today and needed to blow away innocent children.

This shit is only going to get worse. Soon we will have 6th graders stealing their parents gun and going on a rampage because someone didn’t pick him for dodgeball.

I still feel this has a lot to do with just letting people do whatever the fuck they want. We as a whole have become way to PC sometimes and don’t call shit out for what it really is… fucked up. I won’t go into that right now because I need to lighten this blog up… lets laugh before the supposed end of the world.

So most of you know I have been dating here and there. This has been the most eye opening time of my life. I have seen and met some of the weirdest women in the Wisconsin area over the last few months. However, there has been some really great dates that even though they didn’t end in a relationship, they are nice to talk to and I gained another person in my life as a friend. With that being said, I will not give out real names or anything that could ever identify them because although I have many faults, being a jerkstore isn’t one of them, despite how some people think.

These have been all over the map. I sometimes feel like this :

bad-dateand I want to get the hell out of there, to the moments in time that something is said or that happens that makes me go to this :


Yes my friends, it’s been that bad. Let me tell you of just a few.

The first date I went on months ago I met up with this woman at the local ice cream place. She was very cute, pretty funny, and seemed to have everything in order. About 20 minutes in we start talking about what we are looking for in a relationship and then she hits me with it. “I am interested in trying out polyamory and would like to know if you would do that with me.”

Before you go to Google to look.. I am going to help you out and link it for you and show a picture that helps explain wtf polyamory is.

Polyamory according to Wikipedia –

Here is a pic of it.. well not really .. but it’s kind of funny.

polyamory-its-complicatedAnyhoo, I say I am not interested in that and that was that.

Not tooooo bad right? Well this next one gets worse.

I talked with this woman over this dating website for a little over a week. She seemed very nice and normal and had some really good qualities about her. So we agreed to have some coffee at Starbucks and meet in person. I think you can really get to know and get a good feeling if you meet someone in person rather then just keep talking over a computer screen.

The date goes well but although we might be attracted to one another and we are both nice in our own way, it’s just not going anywhere. There was no spark or I dunno… just there wasn’t that click there.

I walk her out to her car and I thank her for meeting me and she turns around and has this really weird evil grin and then she hits me with it. I swear I am not making this up.

She tells me it’s been over a year since she has been intimate with a man. I’m like “Ok?” She said that she has this fetish she would really like to do with me. Again I’m like “Umm, ok?” She says “My fantasy and fetish is to take a man I just met home and then take them to my kids room and have sex on their beds.”

omfgI just stood there blankly for a second before I said “No. I can’t do that, and I don’t want to do that.” She actually gave me a pouty face which made it worse. Ugh.. wtf? I said I have to go now and that was that.

As of yesterday, I changed my profile on my dating sites. I decided I would be very out there with what I was looking for, what I wanted, what I do, and not hold anything back.

Well the response has been off the charts. I changed my profile at 8am this morning and I am writing this at 1am CST. My phone has been blowing up all day. I guess what I wasn’t prepared for is that women really appreciate someone being out there and able to express how they feel and what they want. I haven’t even gone through all the emails because they are too much to do right now. Here… this is just one small page. Basically from the few I did read, they like someone that can easily express their thoughts and emotions in words and also I was funny while doing it. I also was told it was a little long and maybe shorten things up a little bit.

wowmessagesSo it’s been a very interesting night to say the least. Lot’s to go through and I try to at least say something to each one and if it’s not someone I am really interested in I try to just be gentle about it because I really don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. So yea… hopefully no more child bed crazy ladies. I have a few others but let’s keep moving on shall we?

So now the moment you all have been waiting for. Let’s talk about what I want for christmas. I have already received some awesome things but there is just one thing I really really want. So I feel like I should start some kind of Kickstarter project for it or a paypal account and ask for a dollar donation to it. If all my followers donated I would have a total of 34 bucks. ๐Ÿ˜€

I love a good show and watching a good movie. Over 10 years ago I spent 3.5K on at that time the top of the line DILA Samsung TV. It does 1080i and it’s been really great but let’s be honest, it’s not as beautiful as THIS!

TVThe model you are looking at is only the 55″ version. i would like the 60″ for an extra 500 bones. I actually sat there and played angry birds just using my hand motions. Ok to do when you are by yourself, not ok to do in the middle of best buy while people are wondering what the heck you are doing. I had a few people actually nervously wave to me because they thought my hand up was for them and didn’t know about the screen.

Well there yo have it folks. Private message me for details how to donate to this fine TV and if you do I will publicly on my blog say just how super awesome you are and instagram your picture. ๐Ÿ˜€

If this is the last time we talk again, I wish you a happy afterlife, a good hunting zombies, and a good night from your old Son of Stallis.


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