What?!? Can You Hear Me Now Blog

Hello ladies and gents, welcome to another blog by yours truly. While I have a bunch of things to talk about today, we are going to discuss the ear… or my ear… well… my adventure with my ear.

So right after I returned the kids home to their mother for Christmas, I started to feel a bit under the weather. I was nervous about this happening because I was constantly telling my youngest to blow his green snot out of his nose, and as any good dad does, you help and get rid of the stuff.

I came down with a pretty nasty cold which took a while to get rid of because I figured if I took Robitussin, Sudafed, Halls Drops, and Tylenol it would just go away. I was wrong and ended up having to get some serious cough suppressant and some medication. Why that worked, what happened next was strange.

I woke up one day and my left ear was just totally clogged. Now while most of you don’t know this, I have a serious ear wax problem. I’m not proud of it, but I have it. So the doc told me to STOP using Q-Tips because it’s like I’m packing a cannon back there and to let it fall out naturally and basically just swipe my head from side to side in the shower and let the water go in there. This has worked in the past but it’s really weird. With no warning ever… I hear a little “pop” and bam it happens! Like someone deposited a quarter in my mouth a wax ball like this just comes rolling out of my ear.. No joke…

waxballWhile I am not proud of this fact, it has seemed to work, so I keep it up. So when my ear was plugged I figured I just had a sudden burst of ear wax and that was the problem. So since I had so much else going on I just let it sit.

However a few days passed and it was starting to kinda bother me. Now typically when this happens I go to the doctor and this nice nurse comes out with this awesome syringe, warm water, peroxide, and flushes me out … all good to go. This time however, I figured instead of having them do it I would just do it myself and save the 15 bucks for the co pay.

So I headed over to Walgreens, picked up some peroxide, some ear cleaning solution stuff that came with the little plunger ball, paid for it and went home.

Basically how it works, you put about 5 drops of this stuff in your ear and then rest your head down so it has time to work. Then you get up, use the ball plunger and use some warm water and splash it in your ear and the wax just comes out. Might take a few times but whatever.

I put the drops in, and wait about 20 minutes. During this time you get a warm sensation in the ear and you can hear what I can only describe as bubbles moving around kind of sound. I get up and start to run the warm water and prepare to rinse my ear out. This is where I make a massive mistake.

I fill the rinser ball up once, spray it into my ear and I really don’t get anything so I take another pull from the water in the sink that if filling up and do it again. Remember me saying that I ran the warm water…. yea.

Well running warm water results in hot water, and then REALLY hot water. After the second rinse I took a few seconds to towel my ear off and went into continue with the rinsing. What I failed to realize was by this time the water that was in the sink was now scolding hot. I took a huge suck of water into the rubber ball, placed it into my ear canal and …..

hqdefaultThis is the closest face I could find that shows the shock I took by blowing scolding hot water into my eardrum.

Immediately I become light headed and a little dizzy. I think this is because it shocked my system and my equilibrium was off for a few seconds. After screaming some not so nice words I lay down. Maybe I should just let the experts handle this.

Next day I get into the doctor early and ask for them to unplug this thing because at this point now it’s been almost a week without being able to hear out of my left ear. It’s so effing annoying I can’t even begin to tell you. Doc comes in and says.. “I’m sorry, but it’s not wax. Your ear drum is bulging out because you have water behind there.” So he throws a prescription at me for flonase twice a day, a claritin twice a day and do that for the weekend. I say my friendly good bye to the doctors office…

photoand I go home for the weekend and do exactly what he asks.

Monday things are no better, call the doc because he said if this treatment didn’t work, he would put me on a very strong steroid. Problem with the steroid though is that it would make me hyper.

LOL… me hyper. Cmon…

Anyways, he prescribes this to me but then says something that really scared the living shit out of me. He explains he just had another patient have the same symptoms as me and it turned out to be Labryntitis and his other patient now has permanent hearing loss in that ear. My stomach sank and I was instantly scared.

My eyes might be first, but my ability to hear and absorb things through sound is very important to me. To listen to bands and music play, or hear the chirping of crickets when at the cabin, the amazing sound of thunder during a lightning storm. I can’t imagine my life being only able to hear that with one ear.

I’m going to cut to the chase and let you know I don’t have Labrythitis, and my hearing is coming back slowly with the steroids. Phew. Disaster adverted, but I wanted to share it with you.

So what’s next… oh yea…

You like horror? Do you like TV? Like or heard of the game called Dead Space? Then you my friend should be watching…..

helix-poster-01This show is freaking awesome. Good story so far, and it reminds me of Dead Space the video game in some aspects. I am looking forward to see where this one goes. Oh and of course, if you’re not watching…

reg_634.TheFollowing.Pstr.011413then you are not watching good TV. Serial Killer caught and teaching other serial killers, Kevin Bacon, Edgar Allen Poe… KEVIN BACON.. CMON PEOPLE. Story is freaking amazing, the stuff in the show has you saying “Oh shit” a ton of times, and it’s just downright fantastic. Just watch two episodes if you haven’t seen it. I guarantee you will be hooked.

Alright. I had some more funny shit but I’m packing this one up and calling it a day.

Till next time my friends.


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