Gastric Sleeve : The Lead Up

Well it’s been a while since I actually wrote something with some meat in it, so why not come back and actually put something personal down for you all to read. I am going to go into what my life was like before the surgery and now almost a month post-op. This article is based off my own observations and opinions, so every person will have their own story and has to make their own decisions regarding this. Let’s get into it.

Hi! My name is Justin and I am a 37 year old fat guy. Truth be told I have been kinda fat my whole life.. or at least chunky. However looking back at my own pictures over the years, I sure would take 1992 Justin weight back in a heart beat. So goes the thing we call life. As we get older and some of us have to sit on our ass 10 hours a day to work and we become less active. Not everyone.. but I am generalizing. Anyways, my weight is something I have always struggled with. I am honestly jealous of the people that can eat non stop and anything they want and never gain a pound. In fact, I wish I could come up with a way to inject the metabolism of one of those people into a person like myself and be able to enjoy all the food I want. I digress though. I love food. I do. I love a good steak, I love sushi, I love pasta… I like food. I know you can still eat all of that stuff and still have a healthy lifestyle, just takes discipline, control, and working out a bit. In the end, I got big.

So while I went through a lot of diets, none of them really worked except… depression. After my ex girlfriend broke up with me I basically didn’t eat for almost 3 months. I drank Mountain Dew, ate some cheese here and there, took phentermine, and walked on a treadmill until I almost would pass out just to release aggression, sadness, and pain. I lost 83 pounds in the matter of 3 months. Was down to around 239, and even though that is still considered bad, it was better then before. But losing all that so quickly and doing it the way I was doing it… wasn’t good. Wasn’t good at all. I looked better, but I was not doing well physically or emotionally. I went and got help for the emotional part and soon after.. everything was grand! I felt good and stopped hitting the gym, started eating like I had never eaten before, and had no care in the world.


Fast forward to almost 3 years later. I ballooned up to 348 pounds at my heaviest and something happened that kind of hit me hard. I was having a hard time wiping my own ass after taking a crap. Hey it’s crude, but that’s the truth. I was sweating and not being able to reach places that needed to be reached. It honestly was in that moment I realized I had to do something.  Again, for the people that are reading this and are thinking “What an idiot. He should have realized it long before that.” I realize that… this is all my fault. But go fuck yourself anyways. 😉

So before this all happened I actually looked into getting the Gastric Bypass surgery. Everyone at my work was having it done and there are a few people today I can barely even recognize anymore because of it. I did all the requirements and 6 months later I was on the operating table and I backed out. Few reasons for this. 1. One of my best friends had the surgery done about a year earlier, and the same weekend I was going in for mine, he was having another surgery (his 3rd) because of a compacted bowel. Scared the crap out of me. 2. When it came down to it, I didn’t want my guts rearranged and I was thinking that long term no one really knows the affects because the surgery hasn’t been around for 70 years. I got off the table, got charged 3 grand for doing that, continued on until 2014.

I could see easy things that I was doing that caused this issue. I work third shift and I was drinking a shit ton of Mountain Dew. I love Mountain Dew. Keeps me awake, tastes great, and if it had an orifice .. I would probably make love to it. That’s how much I love the drink. Secondly, it’s so fucking cheap to eat out. Even now, I notice how much more eating healthy is. It’s way cheaper to grab a few tacos, burgers, or whatever and fill up on that crap. So my working nights my dinner is around 1am – 3am and it usually consisted of Jimmy John’s, Chinese food, or pizza. Furthermore, my fucked up schedule does not help things. I am pretty sure third shift messes with your internal system in some kind of way. The body really isn’t meant to be up at all these weird times. Just my feelings. Anyways, I saw these things being an issue. I also realized I honestly wasn’t doing shit for working out. Work all night, go home, sleep, wake up, go back to work. Rinse and repeat 4 days a week, and on the weekends sit and relax. That’s all I was doing.

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So I tried to hop back on the wagon. Eating better, curb the soda, and work out. However, even walking at my weight was really hard. Knees were crying, ankles, and I just gave up. Again… my fault. I gave up. I guess I just realized at my weight and now my age, it’s not going to get any easier.

But I am a man of the 90’s that grew up during the internet revolution. I have seen first hand how much impact technology has had on us and like anything else, if there is something that can help me and get me better, I figured why not do it. So I knew I didn’t want the gastric bypass already, so I started looking at the lap band. After doing a good amount of research, the lap band looked like it wouldn’t work, and even if it did, the chances of gaining all the weight back, or having complications after the surgery, were very real. Met with my doctor and he pleaded with me.. pleaded with me to go back and look into the gastric sleeve. I agreed and saw the same doc as before and told him why I backed out. We went over the sleeve and I liked it, and I liked the results and the long term outlook.

I did all the requirements…. well.. let me take that back. I didn’t. During the 6 months of prep, you are supposed to start practicing these new eating routines and get yourself into a habit. However, I know myself very very well after 37 years. I need to do stuff cold turkey because then I can stick to it. So truth be told I didn’t change eating habits because I knew I was going to do this hardcore after the surgery.

So about 4 weeks ago I went in for the surgery. I wasn’t scared, wasn’t nervous, I was actually looking forward to it. I did drop about 20 pounds by having a little less dew and also just not stuffing myself. (Another thing I realized I was doing when I was eating) So for those of you that have read this article to find out what’s it like and want me to shut up and quit rambling.. well.. the next blog will go into the surgery and aftermath. Stay tuned.


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