About Me

So who am I?

I was born and raised pretty much all my life in West Allis, Wisconsin. While the name of my city is technically West Allis, the name Stallis has taken on a new meaning here. Heck.. it’s even in the Urban Dictionary :


In Stallis it’s pretty common to see people dressed in pajama pants and just overall looking dirty. Our main attractions here are State Fair, the Farmers Market, and depression. But these are my people. I’m 37 and Stallis is my home.

I’m a gamer, a man that loves photography, and a hardcore music freak. I stand up for what I believe in, and have on many occasions confronted people that are being stupid and called them out for it. I have a nerdy job, I live a nerdy life, and I see things in a different light then most people I know.

So welcome to my stupid website, and enjoy yourself while you’re here…. or don’t.


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